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The 10 Gigabit Ethernet Bandwidth Network Connection

The 10 Gigabit Ethernet bandwidth standard has risen up to be the method of choice for all manner of high bit rate application and hardware platforms. Its development has in turn allowed for the development and deployment of such high requirement applications that have sprung up in the last decade or so.

The current format in common deployment in many networks owes its pride of place to the concerted efforts of an industry select team project that began work in1998. Since those formative days, there has been a number of revisions to the standard of which the most notable were released in 2002, 2005, 2006 and 2007. The 2007 version has proven the most versatile and has gained currency in a variety of environments today. For each version released, a different specification was made for deployment on both copper twisted wire and fiber networks.

Prior to its development, the method of choice in the industry was the fast Ethernet standard. This mode has since then been completely phased out as users realized the usability and levels of flexibility available on the new specification. In the earlier years, 10GigE was only used for laying the backbone of small and midsized networks. In time though, hardware manufacturers caught on the specification is currently integrated in all PC standards.

10GigE is currently available in both twisted copper wire as well as fiber network media. Over the latter, there is a choice of using either the Single Mode Fiber (SMF) or Multi-Mode Fiber (MMF) specifications. SMF transmits data over a single path and is only suited for network environments where data is not transmitted over distances exceeding 300 meters. SMF cables can be distinguished because of their distinct yellow color. MMF transmits data over multiple paths and is the method of choice in network environments where data needs to be transmitted over distances exceeding 300 meters.

For all manner of heavy duty application environments, 10GigE is the preferred choice and is acceptable for its efficacy and flexibility of use. The versatility of the specification is a definite point in its favor and has lead to its deployment in a many firms. It is backward-compatible although PC hardware acquired by mid 2000's or earlier may need replacement. You do not have to acquire an altogether new router as integrating a compatible switch will prove adequate for the purpose.

There is a widespread belief that implementing the standard across a local network will prove sufficient to increase access speeds manifold. This is not necessarily true as locally deployed data speeds are largely dependent on the connectivity provided by the Internet Service Provider. There is therefore a large likelihood that the increased capacity may remain idle if data is not being served adequately fast.

Greater efficacy on this platform is achieved mainly because of vastly reduced end to end latencies and efficiency levels in transmission. The fact that packet transmissions are lowered by a factor of 10 is also significant because real-time applications such as trading floor systems can be deployed effectively. This is more than can be said of competing options in the same price range.

With clients demanding only the best levels of service in terms of connectivity and access speeds, solution providers have no leeway but to source for the most efficient deployments. The 10 Gigabit Ethernet bandwidth serving has proven to be a cost effective choice in a range of applications.

January 17, 2017, 9:11:05 am, America/Chicago